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Every October our community rallies around a bold challenge to secure 1 million meals for Regina families. The Mosaic Million Meal Challenge brings together businesses, community leaders, athletes, and schools to find creative and fun ways to raise funds and food.

Join us in our march to a million by being part of #donateyournumbner. Athletes of all ages donate the value of their jersey number, joining Regina born Olympians, professional athletes, and collegiate & minor sports teams. Some donate the value of their birthday or years in businesses, illustrating the creativity of the community. Best of all we get to see it all on social media as donors tag the Food Bank and #donateyournumner on their posts.

All through the campaign Community Leaders and Champions publicly commit to fight hunger by donating meals and challenging their clients, partners, friends and families to join the cause.

The campaign also includes a drive-through food drive, corporate challenges and food raising by schools across the city. It is an inspiring example of community building.

In 2020 1.4 million meals were raised.

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