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Help us feed over 13,000 people a month, 43% of which are children.  Every dollar you donate secures 3 meals. Fight Hunger and Feed Hope today! 


We commit to feed our clients the same nutritious food we would feed families.  This means we need healthy food – and lots of it! So, whether you donate to a food bin at your local grocer or have extra food to spare from your garden or farm, we greatly appreciate your food donations. 

Donate Food - How



The next time you visit one of our valued retail partners like Safeway, Sobeys, Walmart, Sherwood Co-op, Save On Foods, Loblaws, Mike’s & Tim’s Independent Grocers – look for our donation bins often placed adjacent to the payment kiosks. 

Then generously donate non-perishable food that aligns with Canada’s Food Guide, such as:

  • Canned Fruit

  • Can Soup/Stew

  • Canned Tuna/Salmon

  • Canned Vegetables

  • Pasta & Rice

  • Pasta Sauce

  • Instant Oatmeal

Pro-tip: To save money at the till and feed your neighbours make a list before you shop that includes your household items and those you intend to donate.  Get your kids involved by having them make Food Bank stickers or remind you of your donation list!



Have extra produce in your garden or farm? If so, drop them off at our Food Bank. We will be happy to see you. 

Remember every pound of food secures one meal.  

Set your goal, raise your flag through social media, and celebrate your generosity.  Make sure to tag us in your posts so we can re share and inspire the community with your generosity. 





Join the fight against hunger. 

We’re thrilled you’re considering volunteering with us!

Volunteers are at the heart of our organization and the Regina Food Bank would not be able to make an impact on our clients’ lives without the thousands of volunteers providing over ten thousand hours a year. 

Can’t commit to regularly donating your time?  Join the “Flex Squad”!  Flex Squad volunteers receive an email when one time or unique opportunities. 



Food drives are an actionable way raise awareness about food insecurity and empower connection to community. 

Regina Food  Bank distributes 13,000lbs of nutritious food food to households, schools, and community agency partners every day. 

Food donation boxes can be collected from Regina Food Bank for your food drive. 

Lead a Food Drive
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Neighbours feeding neighbours – working to address hunger and sustain independence for those in our community who find themselves, at any point and for any reason, requiring support. We do this while maintaining alignment with Regina Food Bank’s core values of respect, supporting self-reliance, accountability, collaboration and guiding people and community towards solutions.


The approach is intended to be actionable, accessible, inclusive and sustainable. We acknowledge the shared responsibility and need for collective action among all sectors to address systemic challenges and achieve change moving forward.


  1. Have age-appropriate conversations about food insecurity in your community with your children.

  2. Encourage open dialogue with your children about the negative impacts that misinformation can have on social issues. This is done with an intent to develop the curiosity to question what will assist future generations in understanding the importance of making informed decision in their own spheres of influence.

  3. Volunteer as a family.

  4. Create a goal to raise money or a lead a fundraiser for Regina Food Bank with your family or your extracurricular team.


  1. Congregate with like-minded individuals or groups to volunteer, coordinate an event, or raise funds.

  2. Make informed voting choices at a municipal, provincial, and federal levels.

  3. Attend City Council or Town Hall meetings to make your opinion heard on causes that matter to you.

  4. Write to your municipal government about the social changes you would like to see, and share your template with others to amplify voices towards a unified cause.

  5. Do your research. It is important to understand the landscape of food insecurity in our province in order to adequately advocate for change.

  6. Speak with your friends, colleagues and family to dispel myths about food insecurity and demographics of individuals accessing services such as Regina Food Bank.


  1. Work with your peers to dispel common myths about Regina Food Bank within your social circles. 

  2. Lead or participate in a fundraiser for Regina Food Bank.

  3. Consider how you can incorporate giving back to your community in practical ways - start small and make habits! Get creative and be sure to take pictures to share through your social channels - tag Regina Food Bank.

  4. Understand how your vote can directly affect and influence policy on food insecurity by making informed election choices.


  1. Review City of Regina's Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan to identify areas that impact the work you do, and the industry in which your business operates in.

  2. Integrate volunteering within your community into an employee engagement and culture building activity.

  3. Review the company's philanthropic budget or corporate social responsibility plan to identify if there is budget available to support Regina Food Bank through a cash donation or community investment partnership. Learn about the impact of donations here.

  4. Initiate conversations with senior leadership if your company doesn’t have a philanthropic budget or corporate social responsibility plan.

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