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These neighbors are our clients. In this city we rally around each other. We always have. This bond is the heartbeat of Regina.

The staff, volunteers, and donors of the Regina Food Bank feed hope. We do this with food – the ultimate connector that brings people together.

We are a charitable community-based organization working to fight food insecurity through nutritious food distribution, education, and support programs.

We restore dignity, health and hope for our clients. We also build community – rallying the community to make Regina a more fair, caring, and dynamic city.

We run an efficient and impactful organization with low overhead and high impact making us a partner of choice for corporate and individual donors. We are relentlessly dedicated to our clients.

It is a privilege and deep responsibility to be stewards of the food and funds our community affords us.

Our Purpose


Individuals and community working together to address hunger and sustain independence.


The Regina Food Bank serves those most vulnerable in our community by providing programs and service directly and through partnerships in the areas of food provision, essential skills development and connections to the community supports and opportunities.


  • We are respectful of all

  • We support self-reliance

  • We hold ourselves accountable for our impact within the community

  • We collaborate

  • We care by guiding people and community towards solutions


  1. Improve access to food

  2. Source healthy foods

  3. Manage our assets

  4. Inspire generosity

  5. Activate our city

  6. Manage risk

  7. Invest in strategic partnerships

  8. Innovate delivery

  9. Attract and retain a leading edge team

  10. Invest in development


Our People


Our Board
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