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Introducing Choice – Introducing the Mosaic Market at the Community Food Hub

We have been feeding our neighbours for 40 years. We have learned that it takes more than food to feel full – it involves the ability to choose what you put on your table, whether that choice is dietetic, cultural, or otherwise. More than just envisioning a world where everyone can choose, we want to make empowerment-based food distribution a reality.

Introducing the Community Food Hub – a bold national first, located in the heart of downtown Regina.

At 1881 Broad Street the Food Hub will provide programming and diverse food choices to empower our neighbours. To reduce stigma, the Food Hub will offer a shopping like experience. The food will still be free, but for the first time in 40 years, our clients will choose the food that their family needs.

To make this happen, we have entered a transformative partnership with our friends at The Mosaic Company. Mosaic's visionary 5-year, $1,000,000 contribution comes at a critical time. It represents a lifeline for those facing food insecurity and is a critical show of support for the new Community Food Hub, Canada’s first at-scale choice model food bank.

“Our long-term partnership is making a difference in the fight against hunger in Regina by making food available when and where the community needs it,” says Mosaic’s President and CEO, Bruce Bodine. “We’re honoured to be part of this visionary project located right in the heart of the city,” says Bodine.

Looking ahead, we are planning for a grand opening of the community food hub this summer. Our goal with this innovative model is to reduce barriers, and stigma by creating an environment where the people we serve can choose the product they want and say no to the food they will not be able to use.  The food hub will also be a place for programing like financial and nutritional literacy.  

So, why choice?

Choice is dignified. It gives users the dignity to choose what goes in their cart.

Choice reduces food waste, ensuring clients pick the food they need.

Choice is healthy ensuring we showcase nutritious food.

Choice is innovative, allowing us to use more food from Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan.

Choice is empowering, providing an environment to teach nutritional and financial literacy.

Choice is a catalyst, changing the way we feed our neighbors forever.

We are proud that The Mosaic Company is our Neighbour. They are our longest standing food drive partner. Together, we have secured over 5 million meals for families in our community. The Mosaic Market will provide a place to feed hope and give a hand-up to thousands. It will provide choice.

We invite you to choose choice and donate if you can.


To learn more about partnership and investment opportunities please contact David Froh, Vice President,

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Congratulations. I am in Astana Kazakhstan and see lots of food going waste and thrown away.. Having seen hungry people in Madras Now Chennai as I cycled home from Loyola College in 1990s, I appreciate your effort.

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