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Viterra’s ‘Farmers Feeding Families’ will feed local communities for 3 more years.

The Regina Food Bank and Viterra are pleased to announce the renewal of their partnership, Farmers Feeding Families, for 3 more years. Farmers Feeding Families seeks to harness Saskatchewan’s agriculture industry to provide food insecure families with more nutritious and inclusive food choices.

The initiative was first launched in May 2021, when Farmers Feeding Families was announced as a new partnership between Viterra, Government of Canada, Conexus Credit Union, CanMar and Bennett Dunlop. This year, Viterra has returned as a multi-year partner to continue growing the program and its impact.

As a leading agricultural company, Viterra recognizes the importance of investing in local communities to revolutionize the way we fight hunger.

“At Viterra we play an important role in marketing and moving our farmers’ crops to support the food security of countries around the world,” said Kyle Jeworski, CEO of Viterra Canada. “We firmly believe it’s just as important to support food security here at home, and our partnership with the Regina Food Bank is a great way to demonstrate our commitment.”

Since launching, the initiative has distributed over 600,000 bags of lentils to Regina Food Bank clients. It has also extended beyond Saskatchewan’s borders, supporting other hunger relief organizations in Manitoba and Alberta.

The initiative represents an estimated $250,000 annual investment from Viterra to support food security and provides 105 tons of locally grown lentils for families across Southern Saskatchewan.  

“The renewal of this partnership comes at a crucial moment for the Regina Food Bank,” says John Bailey, CEO, Regina Food Bank “Partnering with local businesses and the agriculture industry is key for tapping into locally produced food. Our goal is to improve the consistency and reliability of our supply chain. The multi-year commitments of Viterra’s Farmers Feeding Families will help us accomplish that.”

Through this program, Viterra will purchase and process pulses from Saskatchewan farmers to donate to food banks and will feed approximately 15,000 clients every month and 123 community partners and schools in Southern Saskatchewan.

Delicious lentils for students at Scott Collegiate

To celebrate the renewed partnership, Viterra and the Regina Food Bank joined forces with REAL to cook a delicious lentil and venison stew. Chefs Chaminda (REAL) and Forest (Regina Food Bank) led the team through the preparation of a protein-packed, flavourful meal. After cooking, the three organizations headed to Mâmawêyatitân Centre to deliver the meals to about 200 students at Scott Collegiate.

As a well-known plant protein, lentils are a popular option for everyone looking for some alternatives to add to their diets. As part of the pulse family, lentils are nutritious, affordable, and easy to cook.

In more challenging economic times, lentils are a great option for those with tighter budgets, while still providing the required protein to support a healthy diet. Lentils are one of the most cost-effective proteins available.

Further, lentils are a staple ingredient for many newcomer families. This makes them a top ingredient supporting an inclusive approach to feeding food bank clients.

A challenging year for Regina Food Bank

With a projected 10% increase in demand, a new second location, and higher food purchasing costs, the Regina Food Bank is exhausting all resources to meet demand. 2024 will be a year of learning and growth for the Regina Food Bank. As the opening of their second location quickly approaches, partnerships like Farmers Feeding Families will be essential to securing the food required to operate at the pace and scale forecasted for this year.

The impact of Farmers Feeding Families is invaluable to the community and goes beyond current needs. It contributes to future healthier families, students, and a stronger community at large.


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