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Farm Credit Canada Boosts Regina Food Bank’s Procurement Strategy with Modular Growing Container to Fight Hunger and Advance Indoor Agriculture in Saskatchewan.

(Wednesday, May 22, 2024, Regina, SK) – The Regina Food Bank (RFB) is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at improving our capacity to secure and distribute food to those we serve, thanks to a generous funding contribution from Farm Credit Canada (FCC). The FCC's support will facilitate the acquisition of a modular produce growing container, enhancing the food bank's capacity to source fresh, nutritious produce year-round.

This strategic initiative marks a significant milestone in the food bank's mission to address food insecurity in our community. By embracing innovative solutions like containerized agriculture, the food bank aims to expand its impact, ensuring that vulnerable individuals and families have consistent access to healthy food options.

"We are immensely grateful to FCC for their visionary support, which empowers us to strengthen our procurement strategy and better serve our community," remarked CEO of Regina Food Bank, John Bailey. "As a food bank we are continually looking to innovate how we serve our community. By leveraging technology and fostering collaboration with industry players, we are charting a course towards a more resilient and sustainable future for our food bank."

By investing in initiatives that promote food security and sustainable agriculture, FCC continues to play a vital role in building thriving communities across the country.

“The challenges in front of us require a new outlook, new ideas, and exciting innovations. FCC is proud to support this containerized agriculture project where fresh, nutritious food is locally grown and accessible for those in need,” said Justine Hendricks, FCC president and CEO. “The Regina Food Bank is leading the way in innovating how we produce and provide food, proving what is possible when we work together to address hunger in our communities.”

In addition to FCC's pivotal support, the RFB has forged a strategic alliance with the recently announced “Growth Board”. Collaborating with the Growth Board (founded by Economic Development Regina, the University of Regina, One Hoop, and City of Regina), the food bank is poised to catalyze growth of the indoor agriculture industry, driving economic prosperity while addressing pressing social needs.

“Projects like this are exactly what we hope the Growth Board can continue to deliver for Regina. Innovative, unique, and partner-driven,” said EDR President & CEO Chris Lane. “EDR is excited about the future of indoor agriculture not only for this great community project, but also because it shows Regina is ready to be a leader in a new sector of food production.”

With an approximate yield of 600 heads of lettuce per week, the modular growing container will enable the food bank to cultivate leafy greens regardless of seasonal constraints or outdoor conditions.


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